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Jul 5th, 2019

Wallet Key Slider

A key carrying solution for anyone who doesn't like keychains. Fits nicely in your wallet with a sliding action to minimize bulk. File included.

wallet key slider



I’ve never really been one for carrying around keychains or lanyards around with me, and to me, the idea of having to remember yet another items location is off putting. I specifically like the ease of always having a key to my workplace even when I’m not planning on being there.

key swivel

Giving a look around on Amazon doesn’t yield anything that fit my need of easy access and a low profile design. Searching random key words on Thingiverse trying to match some sort of model with the words: key, wallet, slider, credit card, etc, also doesn’t work. So I made my own dual key slider, based off of an original swivel design I made several months ago.


blender screenshot of key slider

The source file can be found below for easy editing.

I printed with PLA at 215ºF at .2mm layer height on a MakerGear M2.

.blend file


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